Carter Bank & Trust is here to assist you transfer money to another financial institution quickly and securely with just a few simple steps.

Carter Bank & Trust Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

Carter Bank & Trust Routing Number  – 051403957


How to Wire Money

When you need to make a wire transfer, you’ll need to visit your nearest Carter Bank & Trust branch location and provide the following information:

Outbound Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

  • Recipient’s Bank Name
  • Recipient’s Bank Address
  • Recipient’s Routing Number
  • Recipient’s Account Number
  • Recipient’s Name

If someone is transferring money to you, you’ll need to provide the following information to the sender:

Inbound Domestic Wire, please provide the following information to the sender

  • Your Name
  • Carter Bank & Trust
  • 1300 Kings Mountain Road, Martinsville, Va.  24112
  • Routing Number – 051403957
  • Your checking account number

Complete Your Wire Transfer at Carter Bank & Trust

With easy wire transfers available at Carter Bank & Trust, you can easily make last-minute transfers to other accounts across other financial institutions, whether you need to transfer money to another account to complete a payment or need to send money to your child while they’re away at college. To complete a wire transfer, find a Carter Bank & Trust branch near you today!