The financial health of your business doesn’t just come down to your ability to manage cash flow, but also to the relationship you have with your banker. As a growing community bank since 1974, Carter Bank & Trust is committed to finding financial solutions and building trust with our customers.

To put you in the best financial position to grow your business, we have built a treasury services infrastructure of highly skilled experts in treasury services with the most sophisticated and user-friendly, cash management solutions in the financial industry.

How to Take Advantage of Our Treasury Services

Our treasury specialists will partner with you and the Carter Bank & Trust banker you already have a relationship with in order to learn more about supporting and growing your financial needs and identify current and potential financial opportunities. Once this process is complete, our treasury specialists will work with you to offer services that will help you make relevant decisions to manage cash flow and control how funds are dispersed and received.

A designated specialist will also set up on-site services and complete training around your schedule. If you have questions along the way, a responsive support team is available on call to answer your questions and troubleshoot if needed.

Treasury Services Available Online

In addition to our in-person treasury services, we also offer several online treasury services via the Carter Bank & Trust Commercial Center. Easily navigate through our secure online services, including:

Account Management

  • Electronic payments (ACH): Decrease your check processing expenses and simplify account reconciliations by paying vendors, employees and taxes electronically
  • Incoming and outgoing wire transfer: Expedite transferring larger sums of money between accounts in real time
  • Bill pay: Pay anyone online, decreasing your check processing expenses

Cash Flow Management

  • Zero balance account: Maintain a zero balance checking account by automatically transferring funds from other accounts to cover expenses, reducing excess balances and controlling disbursement of funds 
  • Sweep account: Links your excess cash from your commercial checking account into a higher interest bearing account to earn more money

Cash Management

  • Electronic receivables (ACH): Offer your customers the convenience of automatic draft payments while giving you assess to cash quicker and on a more consistent basis when recurring
  • Remote deposit capture: Scan and deposit electronically your checks from the convenience of your office at any time

The Carter Bank & Trust Commercial Center also allows you to designate administrators on your team to perform different treasury services (i.e., one administrator is granted permission to originate ACH payroll credits and another to perform balance reporting and account reconciliation). Keep in mind, there is an approval process for all ACH, wire transfers, and remote deposit capture services.

If you have questions regarding the Commercial Center online banking system, or if you have a question related to Treasury Management or commercial accounts, our Treasury Management Support team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. via phone at 888.802.2652 or email

Watch our video below to learn more about our commercial online banking system.

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Get Treasury Services for Your Business at Carter Bank & Trust

If you’re ready to organize your finances to set measurable goals for your business, Carter Bank & Trust is here to help. From our trusted bankers to our knowledgeable treasury specialists, our in-person and online commercial banking services will help you get more time back in your daily business operations and allow you to focus on reaching your goals. If you’re ready to organize your finances and minimize the time you spend going over the numbers, find a Carter Bank & Trust branch near you to speak with a treasury specialist today!