Your valuables, personal documents, and family heirlooms are irreplaceable and should be stored in a safe and secure place. At Carter Bank & Trust, we are proud to offer affordable safe deposit boxes at our branches to help store even your most prized possessions. We provide safe deposit boxes for rent in a wide variety of sizes. When you rent a safe deposit box with us, we’ll provide you with a key and you’ll be able to access your belongings anytime during our normal business hours.


What to Store in a Safe Deposit Box

While it might be tempting to store any and everything you find valuable in a safe deposit box, it’s not the smartest idea. We recommend using our safe deposit boxes to store:

  • Important documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, school diplomas, car titles, etc.)
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Jewelry
  • Family photos
  • Rare collectibles
  • Flash drives with important information
  • Family keepsakes


What Not to Store in a Safe Deposit Box

Some of the items we don’t recommend you store in a safe deposit box include:

  • The ONLY copy of a document. Make sure that you have another copy on hand.
  • Original wills
  • Passports
  • Cash
  • Explosives or hazardous items
  • Liquids
  • Anything illegal

How Much is a Safe Deposit Box?

Protecting your valuables shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we were sure to offer our safe deposit boxes at low, affordable yearly rates.

Box SizeYearly Rental Fee
2 X 5$20.00
3 X 5$25.00
5 X 5$40.00
3 X 10$45.00
5 X 10$65.00
10 X 10$85.00
10 X 15$95.00
** Sizes may vary by location**


* Safe Deposit Boxes are available for Carter Bank & Trust customers only. Safe Deposit Box contents are not insured against loss by Carter Bank & Trust or the FDIC.

Rent a Safe Deposit Box With Carter Bank & Trust Today

When searching for a trustworthy place to store your valuables, count on Carter Bank & Trust. Our safe deposit boxes are budget-friendly and conveniently accessible when you need them. To get started, find a Carter Bank & Trust branch near you today. (Safe deposit boxes not available at all locations)