If you’re looking to take the next step financially and have your hard-earned savings work for you, you may want to consider opening a Carter Money Market Account. Our personal and business Carter Money Market Accounts provide easy access to your money while typically earning a higher interest than your regular savings and interest checking accounts. They also do not come with the penalties that may apply if you withdraw money before a Certificate of Deposit’s (CD/personal-checking-compare/s) maturity date.  


Benefits of the Personal Carter Money Market Account

Carter Money Market Accounts provide the flexibility you need in a savings account, with the benefit of higher interest rates that earn you money faster. These accounts offer tiered savings, meaning as your savings grow, your interest increases too.  

Interest is calculated using the daily balance method, which applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. After compounding daily, the interest is credited to your account on the final day of each statement period.  

Other perks of using a Personal Carter Money Market Account includes: 

Help Your Savings Grow with a Carter Money Market Account

Let Carter Bank help you grow your personal savings with a Carter Money Market Account today! Utilize our rate sheet to find more information on the current rates associated with our money market accounts, and visit your nearest Carter Bank location or contact our customer service team at 833.275.2228 or 833.ASK.CBAT to get started.  

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*$2,500 minimum balance to avoid fees.  30 day grace period to get to minimum balance.

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Interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate daily. Fees may reduce earnings. (This includes transfers for overdraft or insufficient funds transfers)