Carter Bank & Trust Visa® Debit Card

The Carter Bank & Trust Visa® Debit Card that makes banking and shopping worldwide safer and more convenient. We offer the option of a personal debit card with all our checking accounts.

Today, there are more ways than ever to use your Carter Bank & Trust debit card to pay for goods and services. The one you choose often depends on where you are shopping, dining or conducting business and your readiness to embrace technology that is designed to create faster and safer transactions for you.

  • Tap & Go at any retailer who supports contactless payments.  Learn more
  • Swipe or Insert if the retailer does not support contactless payments.
  • Digital Wallet lets you load your information to your phone so you can leave your card at home. Learn More
  • Withdraw from MoneyPass® ATM Network surcharge-free* with over 37,000 location.  Find a location
  • Visa’s Secure Remote Commerce helps you fill out your debit card information when online shopping safely and securely.
  • Skip the wait, instant issue debit cards available in all branch locations.

Instant Issue

Waiting for a debit card to come in the mail can be frustrating. With Instant Issue the wait is over! Visit your local Carter Bank & Trust branch the next time you’re ready to open a new personal checking account or you need a new or replacement debit card. For more details on instant issue debit cards talk to a banker today.

  • Receive your new card the same day you open an account in a local branch*
    Don’t wait 5-7 business days for your card to arrive in the mail. Cards are issued on the spot and ready to use.
  • Replace a lost, compromised or damaged card instantly
    If you lose your card or even suspect fraudulent activity, simply stop in any one of our branches and we’ll issue you a new card. It’s fast, simple and convenient.
  • Get extra peace of mind
    Receive your card right away, no more worries about the risk of your card being lost, stolen or compromised in the mail.

*For all accounts opened online, the initial card will be mailed.

Get Started Today with  Visa’s Secure Remote Commerce.


Set Up

Getting started is simple. Set up* your card once and choose “remember me” and “trust this device” on any device you want to use for easy, smart, and secure online purchases.

Get Started


Look for the Click to Pay Icon New online checkout logo. on any website where Visa is accepted and you’ll no longer have to fill out long forms to make a purchase. Visa will safely and securely share your information with the merchant.

Stay Safe

Feel confident knowing that Visa uses advanced technologies and multiple layers of payment security to help protect your card against unauthorized use.

*During the enrollment process, Visa will send test transactions to validate your debit card.  These will show as “processing” transactions of $0.00

Debit Card Fraud Alerts

Carter Bank & Trust’s Debit Card gives you a convenient, safer alternative to using cash and checks.  With our debit card fraud monitoring notification system, we monitor card transactions 24/7 for suspicious activity; and when warranted offer two types of alert notifications, phone calls and text messages.

Phone calls

  • Automated fraud alert phone call from 800.279.2674 upon detection.
  • When alert call is received, prompts for action given, including the option to speak with a person.
  • No required enrollment. Automated calls are sent automatically upon fraud detection.
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