Business Money Market Accounts

If you are in a financial position to have a higher balance in your savings account, you may want to consider our Business Money Market Accounts. These accounts are a great way to further grow your savings over time, as they provide easy access to your money while typically earning a higher interest than your regular savings and interest checking accounts.


Carter Money Market Account Features

  • When it comes to our Business Money Market Accounts, you’ll love the flexibility these accounts offer while helping you accumulate savings quicker. Our personal and business Money Market Accounts offer tiered savings, meaning your interest rate increases as your savings grow. Interest is calculated using a daily balance method, which applies a daily periodic rate to the principle in the account each day. Interest is compounded daily by crediting interest to your account on the last day of each statement period. 

    Other benefits of using a Business Money Market Account include:

  • The daily balance method is used to calculate the interest on your account. This applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.
  • Interest is compounded daily by crediting interest to your account on the last day of each statement period.

Increase Your Savings with a Business Premium Money Market Account

Are you ready to let your money work for you and grow your savings? Open a  Premium Business Money Market or Business Money Market Account today! Explore our rate sheet to find information on the current rates associated with our money market accounts. Apply online today, visit us at a Carter Bank location near you, or call 833.ASK.CBAT to get started.


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Business Money Market Account

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*Rates subject to change. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and balance for CB&T Premium Money Market Account are accurate as of 5.22.2023. APY is variable and subject to change based on the balance in the account; $0-$2,499.99 at 0.00% / $2,500-$24,999.99 at 0.26% / $25,000-$49,999.99 at 3.26% / $50,000-$99,999.99 at 3.37% / $100,000-$499,999.99 at 3.46% / $500,000-$999,999.99 at 3.56% / $1,000,000 and above at 4.01%. To earn the advertised APY, the minimum balance must be $25,000.00. Charges and fees may reduce earnings. Premium Money Market Account is available for personal and business customers.

**$2,500 minimum balance to avoid fees.  30 day grace period to get to minimum balance.

Interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate daily. Fees may reduce earnings. (This includes transfers for overdraft or insufficient funds transfers)